8 Websites To Sell Gift Cards Online For Cash Instantly in 2023

Gift cards are a great way to show your loved ones you care, but sometimes you end up with unwanted ones you’ll never use. If you’re wondering what to do with those gift cards, you can sell them online instantly for cash.

Some countless websites and apps allow you to sell gift cards, and the resale value is typically around 70-90% of the original value. This is better than letting the gift card go to waste!

Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

To sell a gift card online, enter the card number and expiration date on the website or app. You’ll then be able to choose how much you want to sell the gift card. Once you’ve found a buyer, you’ll receive the money in your bank or PayPal account within a few days.

So, if you have any unwanted gift cards, don’t just throw them away! Sell them online and get some cash back.

Things to Note Before You Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly

There are a few things to keep in mind before you sell gift cards online electronically instantly. 

You shouldn’t expect to get the full amount for the card while reselling. Instead, you will get a percentage of the card’s original value.

If the card has a high resale value, you can expect to get 85% to 93%. The Amazon and Target gift cards possibly have a high resale value.

  • Choosing a new gift card instead of cash as payouts will help you get a little higher value. Make sure the new card is usable as a Visa gift card, Amazon card, or MasterCard.
  • On most sites, a minimum and maximum acceptable balance is set. It can be between $25 and $1000.
  • You can get paid quickly depending on the resale method, where you sell, and the payment process. For example, you can receive the payout faster if the payment is made via PayPal instead of a paper check.
  • Whether you have e-gift cards or physical gift cards, you can sell them online. There are many sites like ClipKard and Cardpool that accept physical cards.
  • Consider selling gift cards online instead of visiting physical stores to cut transportation costs.

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Where to Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly?

The process to sell gift cards online instant payout has now become easier, thanks to the online marketplace. The trend of selling gift cards online at discounts and buying gift cards in bulk has recently increased.

There are countless sites where you can sell gift cards online direct deposit instant. They have their own payment methods. Some offer to buy gift cards at a discount price as well.

The trickiest part is to find a reliable place where you can sell and buy gift cards. Luckily, you don’t have to shop around. Here we’ve gathered some of the best sites to sell Visa gift cards online instantly. Let’s have a look.

8 Websites To Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly For Cash:

1. CardCash

Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly on CardCash

CardCash has a rich collection of gift cards. The process of trading gift cards is direct and easy. You can exchange your gift cards either for cash or a gift card. This platform also offers merchandise credit to another store.

The best part is this site will make sure you get 11% more profit on trading gift cards. If luck favors, you can get 92% of the card’s original value. They have more than 1200 brands from which you can claim cash and trade for another card. 

  • Navigate the CardCash
  • Choose your card type
  • Enter the card balance
  • Now receive the cash information

However, not all of them offer cash as the payout. You can receive the payout in PayPal, or direct deposit, or may request a paper check in the mail. The site is user-friendly.

2. GiftCard Granny

Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly on GiftCard Granny

If you are searching for the best deals on gift cards, GiftCard Granny has got your back. They are a highly reliable service provider for selling and buying gift cards. This site is well-known for hosting only reliable dealers.

So, the customer gets the opportunity to sell their gift cask for maximum cash. GiftCard Granny suggests the seller the most profitable one among their assortment. This help to get an idea about what value to add to your card.

What makes them best is that they allow selling gift cards in person at their selected locations. This may be perfect for you if you prefer personal interaction before making a deal.

However, you can sell your gift cards in three ways. First, you can sell gift cards online electronically instantly PayPal, direct deposit, or via check. Secondly, register your card for a specific price and wait for the buyer.

This process may take time, but it can get you maximum money. Lastly, you can trade your card with another one with an equivalent cash value. GiftCard Granny will give you an idea of the cards that will provide you with the highest returns in the future.

3. Raise.Com

Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly on Rise.Com

Raise.com allows for selling gift cards at a fair price. They let you set the price you want from the card. Thus, you can get the maximum cash. Also, you have the opportunity to accept or reject offers presented to you.

What else, they act as the middleman in this process of selling gift cards. They usually take a 12% commission from the buyers when the card is sold. Then, they forward the balance to the sellers through PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Best of all, you can change the price later. You can withdraw the card if you find a better deal somewhere else. This will help you sell your gift card faster at the maximum price. Above all, they also have a user-friendly and well-designed app.

4. Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo is a go-to for selling gift cards faster. However, they must enter the card information to get an offer on their site. Then, you have to provide your mailing information to proceed.

Now, you’ll receive an offer from Card Kangaroo about the amount they want to pay for the card. If you accept the offer, you must send the card to their mailing address. After they verify your card, you get a payout via PayPal or check.

5. Giftdeals

Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly on GiftDeals

Giftdeals allows for selling gift cards from over 150 brands on its user-oriented website. They also have an attractive app for those who want to sell gift cards on the go. You can get instant cash for selling gift cards from their kiosk and partner retailers.

The site accepts gift cards from over 250 retailers if you have a balance of over $15. Selling a gift card on Cardpool will help you get 92% of the original value. After you enter the gift card merchant name and dollar value, you’ll get an offer.

If you accept the offer, GiftDeals will offer an amount for your card. You can either proceed with delivering the card electronically or mail it physically. Later, they with sending you the payout. You can also exchange the card with an Amazon gift card.

6. ClipKard

ClipKard allows for selling several gift cards at a time. Each card must have a balance of a minimum of $15. They accept lots of gift cards on the market. Also, they reward the loyal seller with a bonus point for sale.

You can use the bonus point while purchasing another gift card from their site. ClipKard allows you to enter the card’s details to get an offer. They offer a price depending on the retail brand and retail value.

7. Prepaid2Cash

If you need the money right after the sale, try Prepain2Cash. It’s a great, user-friendly app you can use with your smartphone. You can scan the gift card with your phone camera.

However, Prepain2Cash accepts gift cards from most brands. They will provide you with up to 92% of the card’s original value, depending on the brand. Before an offer is made to you, they will verify your card balance on the app.

8. EJ Gift Cards

EJ gift cards are one of the fastest sites to buy or sell gift cards from popular brands. They take a few minutes to receive your card details and offer you a deal. You can get the payout instantly after accepting the offer.

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How Can I Sell Gift Cards Online Instantly?

Most online platforms first ask to enter the card details – for example, the card type, balance on the card, etc. Thus, they can check the card’s value and offer cash or another card of equivalent value.

Say you have a card worth $100 from Best Buy. The online site offers it is worth $84.80 if you choose an Amazon gift card. Or, it is worth $80 if you accept the payment by check.

If you accept the offer, you need to verify your gift card. So they can understand your card is valid and the balance is correct. At first, you have to activate your card and accept the offer.

Then, upload your gift card, mentioning a few details printed on the back of the card. Or else, you may find the details in the email when you first received the card.

Sometimes they ask to enter a credit card number or other information to prevent scams and fraud. Once they verify your information, you will get an offer. After accepting the offer, you will need to mail the card if it’s a physical one.

Finally, after analyzing your details and receiving the card, you’ll get the payout in any form you prefer. In case of any delay, the site should inform you beforehand. Some sites won’t make the payment until someone has bought your card.

Why Online Is The Best Option to Sell Those Unwanted Gift Cards?

Selling gift cards is not as difficult as you may think. There are three ways you can sell those unwanted gift cards. First, you can sell it back to your local stores. Second, you can offer your friend to buy a gift card from you for cash.

The last and most efficient way is to sell them online. You can earn instant cash for gift cards sitting at home. There are countless online platforms with their own method of exchange. Most of them are trustworthy.

Some well-known sites sell gift cards and also accept them when you sell them back online. However, some allow exchanging the card for a new one. No matter what, it is the most legit and easy way to sell e-gift cards online instantly.

How to Get Maximum Cash from A Gift Card?

Usually, while selling gift cards online, you’ll usually be offered less than what the card is worth. Some online sites will offer up to 93% of card value. Sometimes, you can expect to get more than this.

However, you have to shop around to find the best deals. Some sites will allow you to sell gift cards at the best price and buy gift cards at a discount. Thus, you can get maximum cash as well as the opportunity to use discounted gift cards.

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Selling Unwanted Gift Cards or Trading Gift Cards – Which Is a Profitable Option?

While you sell a gift card, you’ll get a specific amount for the card. On the other hand, trading the card will help you make more for the card. If you have demanding cards like Amazon gift cards, you can get a better deal for them.

This is because your card has a better face value. Hence, you get an added percentage for the trade. Also, trading ensures your card’s original value remains the same, even more.

Final Remarks

Being able to sell gift cards online instantly is indeed a blessing for thrifty folks. It is definitely an excellent opportunity to make instant cash. Whether physical or digital, all of your unusable gift cards will now come in handy.

Maybe someone is waiting for your cards to buy their favorite things. So what are you waiting for? Find all the gift cards that have been left unattended. And get instant cash by selling on your preferred site mentioned above. NOW!

Frequency Asked Questions

What else can be done with unwanted gift cards?

Instead of letting your unwanted gift cards go to waste, you can get rid of them in many ways. If the card doesn’t expire, you can re-gift it to someone else. Or you may donate it to a charity.

How to check my gift card balance?

It depends on the brand. You can check the balance of the card on their website. Or, you can call their support center and ask how much balance is left. Also, you can use an online search engine to check the balance.

Where can I sell my iTunes gift cards?

You can sell your iTunes gift cards on Gameflip. It is the safest platform to sell your iTunes gift cards. Since these cards have the most resale value, you can expect to get the maximum from Gameflip. However, you can also sell your iTunes gift cards on Apexpay.

How to avoid gift card selling scams?

The process of selling gift cards involves fraud most of the time. To avoid gift card scams, you should trade with reputable selling sites. Make sure they offer a money-back guarantee. Avoid marketplaces like Facebook and Craigslist, as they don’t offer a money-back guarantee.

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