Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account In 2023

If you need cash instead of electronic money nowadays, you can only get it by transferring money to a bank account and cash out from an ATM. Having money in a bank can help with a lot of things.

Transferring an Amazon gift card’s balance to a Bank Account is a simple and direct technique that allows quick access to the amount. When you want to cash out the balance on your Amazon gift card, you’ll need to devise a way that works for you.

In this article, we’ll explain how to transfer Amazon gift card balance to bank account. Check out the rest of this article before making your next task with your Amazon Gift Card balance.

What is an Amazon gift card balance?

Money left on an Amazon gift card is called an “Amazon gift card balance.” Purchasing an Amazon gift card will instantly credit your Amazon account with the purchased amount. So, you can use your gift card however you like. If you have an Amazon gift card balance, you may use it to purchase an Amazon gift card. With this money, you can buy things on Amazon. If you have a balance on your Amazon gift card, you could use it to pay for Amazon products.

Why choose Amazon Gift cards?

There are many reasons why you should think about Amazon Gift cards. Among them are the following.

  • They will never run out.
  •  There are different designs and amounts of gift cards to choose from.
  •  There are no costs.
  •  You can use it to buy millions of items at or certain other websites.

What Types of Gift Cards Does Amazon Have?

There are three kinds of gift cards on Amazon. When buying and delivering, each has its way of doing things. The good news is that they all work the same way and let you transfer a balance to your bank account.

1. Physical Gift Cards

The most common places to find physical gift cards are at big-box retailers, either along with an outlet or at the checkout counter, and in petrol stations. There is no expiry date on Amazon physical gift cards. Aside from that, they don’t have to pay anything. If you wish to get a physical gift card from Amazon directly, you can get free one-day delivery and must provide the recipient’s address after deciding on the amount to be loaded onto the card.

2. Printed Gift Cards

Print your gift cards from Amazon in just a few minutes, all from the convenience of your own home. Printing is a straightforward procedure.

3. eGift Card

A digital counterpart of Amazon’s physical gift card, the Amazon eGift Card, is now available. You only have to choose a handful of details, and then you can send them to the recipient by phone or email. You can choose from a variety of amounts, or you can input a custom amount to meet your specific needs.

No matter how much you decide to use it as a substitute for the gift card’s value. There is also a design option; you can choose between a standard design and an animated one. When you get an Amazon eGift card, you can use it right away.

How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance?

How to Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account

There are 3 methods to transfer your Amazon Gift card balance to your bank account.

One option is to have the money automatically sent to your bank account when it reaches a specified amount. Wire transfers take about three business days to reach your bank account if you manually request them. The last option is to make use of Venmo.

Yes, you may deposit many Amazon gift cards at the same time. However, it should automatically recognize that many cards are present and prompt you to input their codes. You can use the sidebar to look for a certain gift card by entering its code or name.

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to a Bank Account

Amazon gift cards can be used as a payment method for your Amazon account. Once you have a balance on the card, you can use it to purchase items from Amazon. You can also transfer the balance to your bank account or debit card.

Here’s how to transfer your Amazon Gift Card balance to a bank account:

1] Enter your Amazon username and password to Log in to your Amazon account.

2] Select “Your Balance” from the “Your Account” tab.

3] Click on “Redeem a Gift Card.”

4] After selecting the amount of money you want to send, press “Continue” to complete the transaction.

 If this is your first time sending money, you will be asked for further information before completing the transfer.

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Credit Card

Here’s how to transfer your Amazon Gift Card balance to your Debit or Credit Card:

1] Managing your content and devices begins by logging into your account, selecting “Your Account,” and then clicking “Manage Your Content and Devices.” This will bring you to a webpage that displays your Kindle collection on the left part of the screen.

2] The “Kindle Payment Method” button in the center of this list will lead you to a page listing all available payment choices.

3] Choose “Add a new payment method” from there.

4] Enter your checking account information on the next page, then double-check it before moving on to the next step.

5] Choose “Amazon Gift Cards” as your payment method and insert the amount you want to send.

6] It’s time to connect your bank account to the gift card you’ve just entered by inputting the card’s number and pin code.

Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance to Bank Account using Venmo

For this method, you’ll need 2 Venmo accounts, possibly your own and one of your family’s. Venmo is easy and free to sign up for. If you and your family member have never had an account, you could sign up for one for each of you. I’ll break this down into 4 easy steps.

1] Connect your Amazon gift card to your Venmo account in this first step. Go to “Settings” and add your Amazon gift card as a way to pay or as a backup way to pay.

2] The next step is to verify that the Amazon gift card has been successfully loaded to your Venmo account. Now, link a bank account to the second Venmo account.

3] You can now send money from your Venmo account to another Venmo account to use the attached gift card. And the money will be sent to that person’s Venmo account.

4] Finally, send the money with the other Venmo account to the linked bank account, which will transfer it to you.

Other Methods of Cashing Out

Let’s briefly look at other possibilities before we know how to transfer Amazon Gift card balances to a bank account.

Selling your Amazon gift card for cash is one possibility. This approach may take longer and require more work than the other three options. You may have to take extra time searching for a buyer for your gift card since there are a lot of individuals out there willing to do the same.

You may also ask for an Amazon gift card as an alternative. The corporation may issue you a new card and reimburse your purchase if you inquire gently. Your previous card must be traded for products or services to get your needed money.

The final alternative is to use your amount on a different site, such as eBay. You may then use the money you earned from your sale to purchase anything you want to buy online.

What are the Benefits of Each Method?

You can convert your Amazon gift cards into cash mainly in two ways. Both options have advantages and drawbacks; some people prefer one over the other based on their preferences.

What’s good about Using a Bank Account?

The recipient will get an electronic deposit into their checking or savings account when they transfer the remaining amount from their Amazon Gift Card to a bank account. To get this money, they must be able to go to an ATM & withdraw cash fast.

Withdrawing money from a bank account is free, and no fees are added to the gift card amount during the transfer. Receivers also benefit from the ease of utilizing a debit card, chequebook, or ATM card to access their money. In addition, they may use their Amazon Gift Card balances before their purchases arrive.

Most people want to know how long it takes to move the money from their Amazon Gift Card to their bank account. You can expect your recipient’s account to be changed within three business days, but it can take up to two weeks in certain situations for the money to be transferred. Whether or not you’ve asked that your receiver verify their identification with your banking institution will affect how long it takes for this process to complete.

Using a Debit Card Has Many Advantages

You get your Amazon Gift Card balance in minutes when you use a debit card. Depending on your bank, you might have to wait up to 3 business days to get your money. One drawback of this choice is that it will almost certainly be charged for. So, before you choose this option, make sure you know if there are any costs.

What happens to my remaining balance after I transfer it?

Your Amazon account will generally retain the remaining credit. This is an advantage of making purchases using this service.

To transfer the balance of your Amazon gift card to a bank account or debit card, there are two options:

First, the option is the transfer, which is a one-time deal. The money will be credited to your checking or savings account in one transaction.

Secondly, a regular transfer. You can set up recurring monthly payments from your Amazon account to your bank or debit card. This is an easy method to put money away for a special occasion!

Common FAQs

No, it is not possible to use an Amazon gift card to pay for something on eBay directly. Amazon gift cards can only be used on Amazon’s website or app.

Yes, you can move money from your Google Play account to your bank account. To do this, open the Google Play Store app and tap the Menu icon. Click “My Account” and then “Transfer to the bank.” You must give your bank account and routing numbers to finish the transfer.

No, you can’t move the balance on your Amazon gift card to your PayPal account. There’s a good reason why you can’t use a PayPal gift card with an Amazon gift card. When PayPal first started, it was a part of eBay.

Yes, you can buy something with your card before you move your balance. Once you’ve made the purchase, we encourage you to do so. Fraud protection will be granted, and the cash will be available immediately if you do things this way.

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