Transfer Google Play Balance to Cash App (All Steps)

The Google Play balance enables you to buy items ( Games, Applications) available in the Google Play store. However, if you have a Cash app account and are considering “how to transfer your Google Play balance to Cash app?” Then you’ve reached the right place, and I will provide you with the exact way to transfer your Google Play balance to your Cash app wallet. So, keep reading.

You can buy video games, music, or other applications with Google Play Balance. On the other hand, with the Cash app, you will get the opportunity to invest, set up direct deposits, and even trade Bitcoin. So, before knowing about the transferring process, it would be best to have a primary idea about the “Google Play Balance” and the “Cash app.”

Can I Transfer Google Play Balance to Cash App?

How to Transfer Google Play Balance to Cash App?

If you consider moving your Google Play balance to the Cash app, you must transfer the funds to your bank account first because you can’t directly transfer your Google Play balance to the Cash app.

So, to transfer your Google Play balance to the cash app, you have to follow specific steps like- connecting your account ( Bank) to Google Play and then moving the balance to your personal bank account. Afterward, you have to connect your bank account to the cash app and transfer the desired amount to the app. Now, check out the below steps to have a clear idea:

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Step 1: Add payment method ( Bank Account) to Google Play:

You can’t link your bank account directly to Google Play; instead, you can add your debit card to your bank account. Now, let me describe to you the process of “How to add a bank account to Google Play:

1] You have to open your Google Play application.

2] Then, you will see the profile icon at the top right.

3] Afterward, select “Payments & subscription Payment Methods.”

4] Tap add a payment method. Now, you can add a payment method.

However, you can also add your bank account to your Google Pay wallet ( this is an indirect way). To perform this:

1] Open the Google Pay app.

2] Find the option “Bank account” after tapping on your profile photo.

3] Then, find your bank (from the list)

4] add your account number.

Step 2: Transfer Google Play balance to Bank Account:

After connecting the bank account number, you can transfer your Google Play balance to your bank account. Don’t panic; it’s a simple process and won’t take much time. So, now let’s dive into the next step:

Step 3: Linking the Bank account to the cash app and transferring the balance:

Your money is in the bank account, and you must transfer it to your cash app. Before that, your bank account should be connected to the Cash app.

1] Open the cash app and select the profile icon.

2] You will find an option ‘Linked Banks,” and tap on it.

3] Afterward, connect your bank account.

You can transfer money from your bank to your cash app after connecting it. And for this:

1] Return to the Cash app home screen.

2] Then press on “Add Cash.”

3] Now, you have to choose the amount and select add.

4] Lastly, you will need your PIN and Touch ID to confirm

5] And that’s it; the balance will be transferred to your Cash app.

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How do I Transfer my Google Play Balance to PayPal Directly?

Unfortunately, you can’t directly transfer Google Google Play balance to Paypal. But don’t worry, there is a second strategy. You can use a bank account to transfer your Google Play balance to your PayPal account. Instead of using a credit card, you can use your PayPal account to pay online. But first, you must create a PayPal account to obtain the funds within a couple of days.

To start, you will have to create a PayPal account. Then, as per website requirements, link a bank account to your PayPal account.

After that, install the Google Pay app, and you will find the option to transfer the amount to your bank. So, enter the amount you want to move and confirm. The PayPal account will receive money from your bank account. Now you are all set! Using the balance from your PayPal account, you can make online purchases, send and receive money, and sell it for Bitcoin.

But here’s something you should know: this transaction will cost you money. You will be charged 40% of the transferred amount, and Google will receive 10%. Moreover, you may have to wait 10-15 days to get the funds in your bank account.

Why Can’t I Use My Google Play Balance?

Like you, many others are experiencing the same issue: they can’t use the Google Play balance to buy games and other applications. There can be many reasons behind this. For example, your Google Play balance is tied to the country you are currently in, and you can only change it when traveling outside the country.

So, if you have relocated, your account will still recognize the foreign gift card, but you can’t use it. Besides, if you are a United States resident, Google Play will also restrict you from using a foreign gift card. In this circumstance, returning the Gift card from where you purchased it is better.

How do I verify my Google Play Cash app?

After attaching a payment method, you will have to verify it. This step is essential to keep your bank and Google Wallet safe. In addition, your bank generates the verification code, which you must provide while verifying.

However, you can verify the payment method via email, text, or phone. Or bank website or by temporary deposit. But you can request a new code if you don’t receive a code. But before that, you must check you have provided the correct phone number, app, bank account, or email address.

How do you transfer Google Play Balance to Paytm?

You might have a Paytm account and wonder, “How to transfer Google Play Balance to Paytm?” Don’t worry; I’ll walk you through some simple steps:

To begin,

1] Open the Google Play app and add your bank account.

2] Then select the payment button, which will be found at the bottom, and enter the desired amount.

3] Afterward, you must verify the transaction by providing your PIN or touch ID.

4] That’s it; your fund will be sent to your bank account, which can be transferred back to your Paytm wallet.

Final Words

You can use the Google Play balance to buy games and applications in the Google Store. But you can transfer your Google Play balance to different wallets like the Cash app, PayPal, and Google Pay for extended use.

However, you clearly understand “How to transfer Google Play balance to cash app?” But, if you face any troubles while transferring, you can ask me in the comment box. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, transferring money from Google Pay to the Cash App takes little time; it may happen instantly or within an hour. But, if you move money through your bank account, it will take 3-5 days ( except holidays).

If you bought a Google Play gift card, the very first thing you should do is sign in to your Google account. Following that, you will have to give the code. After giving your code, launch the Google Play app and navigate to the Payments and Subscriptions section. To unlock the card, click the Redeem icon and insert the gift card code. Acceptance of the terms of service and the privacy policy will be required.

Afterward, Google will send you an email about confirmation. However, you may need to contact customer care for a new one if the code doesn’t work. Remember, don’t scratch the card too hard; otherwise, it might damage it.

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