Does Dave App Work with Prepaid Cards?

Quick Answer

Yes, the Dave app works with prepaid cards. Dave App will provide you with a cash advance to look after your incidental expenses. You can get a cash advance from 0 to $250 on your next paycheck. It will let you spend and buy things with prepaid cards. The Dave app works with other intelligent banking platforms and debit cards like prepaid cards.

So, what kind of prepaid cards the Dave app works with? This article will answer you. Also, you’ll get to know how you can use prepaid cards with the Dave app. This way, you can decide if the Dave app is worth downloading.

What Does Dave App Do?

Getting your next paycheck late? But suddenly, some unexpected expenses have come to the fore. Don’t panic. Sometimes, it becomes tough to balance income and spending. You cannot always live within the budget.

At times, there come situations when you need to spend regardless of the budget. When you need cash urgently, there is no option but to borrow money. Dave’s app comes to the rescue in those crises.

You don’t have to wait for your paycheck any longer. Dave is a digital banking service or a budgeting tool – no matter what you say. Dave app is the pay-advance application of the mobile fintech platform.

It provides no-interest loans to the user on their paycheck. So, the user can cover small and emergency expenses like groceries, gas, etc. As it doesn’t charge interest on overdrafts, it asks the users to pay monthly subscription fees.

This helps the user to avoid overdraft fees. After you subscribe to the Dave app, you’ll receive an advance of $75 from your next paycheck.

Does Dave App Work with Prepaid Cards?

Does Dave App Work with Prepaid Cards?

Every now and then, Dave continues to try to bring innovation to their services for users. On that note, the Dave app allows users to make convenient purchases using prepaid cards. So we can say the Dave app works with prepaid cards.

The combination is actually like an earthly paradise. A prepaid card on the Dave app will cost you no or little monthly fees. You can add or withdraw money with a prepaid card anytime.

Moreover, it requires you to pay a fee between $0 to $5 whenever you use prepaid cards. The instant cash loan makes banking simple for you. You can use prepaid cards like any other card if you don’t wish to trade.

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What Type of Prepaid Cards does Dave App Work with?

You already have an idea does Dave work with prepaid cards or not? Now question is what type of prepaid cards does Dave’s app work with? The following are a few types of prepaid cards that the Dave app uses:

  • Reloadable prepaid cards: These allow you to reload or add more money. This card is often called a General Purpose Reloadable card or GPR card. It’s a fast and secure way to pay for purchases.
  • PayPal Prepaid MasterCard is a debit card you can use wherever MasterCard is accepted. This card can be loaded via direct deposit, transfer from a linked PayPal account, or in person.
  • Open-loop prepaid cards: A general-purpose charge card can be used wherever the card brand is accepted. 
  • Brink’s prepaid MasterCard: It provides the ease of having a bank debit card. The card includes no minimum balance, no interest, or late fees.

Process to Use Prepaid Cards with Dave App

The Dave app is the first thing you need to use for prepaid cards. So, make sure you download the Dave app first. Then, launch the Dave app. You need an account where you can link your prepaid card.

1] Download the Dave app.

2] Create an account and log in to your Dave app account.

3] Click on your profile and then look for any linked banks or cards.

4] Choose the linked cards option.

5] And then add a card from the menu.

Now is the time to add your prepaid card and confirm it. Sign up on the card for the subscription. After you make a subscription, you can choose the card for payment. It will deduct the payment account from your account at this point.

Why do you use the Dave App?

  • The Dave app is somewhat user-friendly because its features are great
  • It allows managing money with almost no effort
  • The warnings are clear and helpful
  • The app allows getting plans or minutes through the app or online
  • It simplifies the process of applying for a loan
  • The app informs you about the details of the loans
  • Dave app is pretty helpful for employees or anyone who copes with internet money
  • It makes managing finance simple and accessible from your smartphone

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How to Get a No-interest Loan from Dave?

Dave app offers cash advances for up to $250 with no credit check and no interest. This cash advance is sent to the bank account you linked. You can use this cash to withdraw money from ATM, pay a bill, write a check, make debit card purchases, etc.

Cash advances from Dave App will be automatically paid when you receive your next paycheck. You will get less than 14 days to pay the cash advance all at once. Then, you can again ask for a cash advance in that month.

Qualification to Use Dave App

However, you cannot just get a cash advance from Dave anytime. You need to qualify for it. To qualify for a cash advance, you’ll need to have the following:

  • Bank account with a direct deposit system
  • The linked account must be at least 60 days old
  • Minimum two recurring deposits 
  • A positive balance

In addition to this, you must be:

  • A U.S. resident
  • Of over 18 years old to make a signed contract with Dave
  • Have no legal restriction on using the Dave app or

Dave will decide whether to provide you with a cash advance considering the followings:

  • How long until your next payday?
  • The pattern of your earning and spending 
  • How large an advance can you afford?
  • How much is deposited every month in your bank?

Analyzing all, Dave may or may not qualify you for a cash advance of less than $250. There is little chance that you may qualify for the full $250 cash advance. You will likely receive only $25, and this advance limit will increase daily.

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Similar Alternatives to Dave App

Dave app doesn’t fit your needs? Don’t worry; many other options, like the Dave app. They will surely take your fancy if the Dave app doesn’t. Let’s take a look at them. 

  • Goodbudget

Goodbudget is a functional budget tracker for the present times. Their virtual budget program follows the time-tested envelop budgeting method. So, you remain on track with friends and family.

The sync and share budgets program puts your budget into action with your family and friends. It basically keeps your family and friends responsible. Set shared goals and plan your finance for big expenses.

Goodbudget only requires you to create a budget, and they will take care of the rest. They offer emergency funds so that you live debt-free life with a good credit score. Besides, you can apply for a loan from your phone.

  • Earnin App

Earnin does the same thing as the Dave app – it helps you get fast cash anytime you need it. The best part is it gives you access to your earned pay. Besides, you don’t have to pay a subscription fee in Earnin.

Here you need to pay once for anything. Also, there are no recurring payments, hidden fees, penalties, or waiting. You can access your hard-earned cash anytime you need. 

The cherry on the cake is you can get up to $500 for your paycheck per pay period. You can get your entire paycheck up to two days earlier. There is also a downside to not having a subscription fee. It is less stable than Dave. However, it’s a good choice if you are really tight on cash. 

  • FastFund Software

If you are looking for temporary financing, FastFund software is the one you must consider. It gives you a clear insight into your projected balance. So you can see and identify how safely you can invest.

  • YNAB (You Need a Budget)

The name says it all. YNAB is always there if you really need a budget. It’s an American multi-platform personal budgeting program that follows the envelope method. This personal finance software will help you save more money. 

Even if you fail to save much with YNAB, the app can still pay a monthly fee. So, it is definitely well worth it. With sensible spending and borrowing behaviors, you can make the most perks out of YNAB.

  • Even

Even is an effective budgeting app that helps you get paid early, save automatically and budget easily. with game-changing perks, this app will help you manage your money. You can track your spending, including the cents. 

Moreover, you can request up to 50% of your paycheck and get the find within seconds. You can use money from your upcoming paycheck. It detects the monthly expenses that can help you cut down needless spending. This way, you can control your finances. 

The Final Say

Without further ado, ending the article here today. We hope you already got to know whether does Dave app work with prepaid cards or not. You can now link your prepaid cards with the Dave app and pay for your purchases. 

Needless to say, late paychecks are no longer a problem. You only need a prepaid card and Dave app subscription to obtain an advance on your next paycheck. It will help you make better financial decisions either way. Best of Luck!

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